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Time Out in New York

In bout of an eclectic aesthetic, I spent my last hours in New York rethinking how much time I've spent on autopilot.

On me: watch (buy me) & cuff (buy me) via Daniel Wellington
Photography + Editing : Charmyn Chan 

During the Winter break I had the pleasure of being contacted by Daniel Wellington to collaborate, and having witnessed it's tremendous growth over the past three years I couldn't hold back my excitement.
I have to admit though that I am someone who is incredibly lazy when it comes to accessorizing, for I prefer focusing on the overall picture such as the outfit and my face. 
(no photography pun intended)
That and I tend to lose misplace ninety percent of my jewelry throughout the months.

Watches has always been something both my parents enjoy purchasing whenever we enter the duty free section at the airport.
Initially I never understood their fascination and felt inclined to just sit in the 'husband & boyfriend' seating section of the store and wait till it was all over.
But now i'm a lot older, (ten years to be exact) I sort of see the pleasure in accessorizing.
It's similar to taking that extra step of adding perfume, or face mist to finish your look.
It isn't essential like picking an outfit, or finding a bag to fit your everyday items in, but it definitely adds a luxurious feel to your whole outfit.
And being someone who's a huge advocate in 'treating yourself' why not purchase a watch? 

That is why I decided to give this watch a whirl, the St Mawes style in 40mm from the classic collection.
Once I started wearing this during my trip in New York, I found myself saving a lot of battery on my iPhone since I was using my watch instead of my phone. 
I never noticed I was that reliant on my phone till testing out this watch, so I have to agree that having a watch now is a definite plus on efficiency. 
Also I have to give props on how sturdy and wholesome this watch is, for the reason why I never really wore watches before was how fickle and high maintenance they were in my previous experiences. 
While wearing this watch I didn't have to stress over if the watch's clasp was going to fall off my arm, move up and down, or be too tight that it cuts of my circulation and created a pins & needles situation.
Nope, it was on my wrist to tell the time and it paired beautifully with all of my outfits.
And that to me is all I need, a product that is no fuss, and does it's job.

As for the cuff, I found it to be the perfect match because it added an extra sparkle to majority of my outfits. 
Since wearing the watch alone is still a beautiful piece, but can end up looking a bit bare depending on the outfit.
Therefore I personally found adding the cuff gave an additional casual and elegant vibe. 
Which is why I highly recommend pairing the two items together to make the perfect arm candy. 

Daniel Wellington is a luxury watch brand that is inspired by a British gentleman who had impeccable but unpretentious style, and while meeting him the founder Filip Tysander noticed how the gentleman had a particular style of donning watches with NATO straps. And interestingly enough, the gentleman's name was Daniel Wellington!
I always find learning about the origin of a brand to be the most fascinating part, because one can then see how the story translates into the product itself.

If you're on the hunt for a watch yourself and would like to purchase a Daniel Wellington watch, feel free to use my code 'KOMOREBI' for 15% off at checkout!

Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn 

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