(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees



It's been one hell of a year, ladies and gents, but we're finally here. 

On me: All clothing featured was purchased from Misguided & boots purchased from Public Desire.
Rose gold playsuit (view here), Orange wrap dress (view here), Burgundy wrap dress (view here) & Perplex boots (view here)
Photography: Lorie Leung
Editing: Charmyn Chan

Undoubtedly this has been one of the most challenging years I've faced, but also the year I grew the most.
Ko-morebi originally started as a personal space for me to share photos of my shy, sixteen year old, high school self, but out of fate, luck and a lot of hard work we've managed to grow and become a platform.
Especially Instagram.
I remember earlier this year I was still at a meagre 1000+ followers just cruising by, but now were at 7000+ followers and I still can't believe it. I know on a grander scale it doesn't mean much as I'm still a micro-blogger, but to see such a rapid growth within the past months has definitely made my year. Along with the growth in my following I feel extremely lucky to have met so many new creative souls who I can call my friends, and the opportunities / experience to collaborate and work with brands. The desire to work with brands was always a dream I had, and that "it would be cool" if I ever got the chance.

So I wanted to say a quick thank you to all those who have been there with me from 2012, the days when I donned flower crowns, galaxy print and spiky heels. And also thank you to any new viewers who happened to stop by.

2016 has been, and still is the year that makes me want to scream at how frustrating it was.
But looking back now with one day before 2017, it was for the best.
Sometimes change comes in the harshest of forces, and not everything goes according to plan.
Like today my back up external hard drive just died on me, and now I have officially lost my work from 2014-2016.
It sucks, but theres not much nothing I can do.
(I ran around manhattan today looking for data retrieval locations
(It didn't work out)
All I can do is produce more work, and create an entirely new portfolio.
Something I look forward to do this coming year, so if anyone out there would like to message me to shoot let me know!

Moving on to school, I can attest I'm going to graduate late.
(sorry momma / papa chan)
Theres so many people I know rushing to graduate, while I'm still figuring it out as I go by.
School is incredibly hard to balance with Ko-morebi and often this year I found myself feeling torn with getting it done. Such as receiving overseas opportunities, but at the same time not being able to pursue them because midterms are in three weeks and the time to start prepping is now. Or when you leave all your planned posts to be executed after your exams, but are over loaded with photos to edit that you end up delaying certain sponsored content. Being online is a 24/7 job, not something you can forget about like a shift at work. It extends to the late nights where you plan the content schedule for the rest of the week, to the early mornings where you respond to emails from overseas to ensure a package arrives asap. To even spending moments on transit responding to comments because your followers are important to you and you don't want to reply with the generic "ty".
However, even with the stress and break downs that come with this lifestyle, I love it.
The late nights sitting in the hotel lobby till 4am because wifi isn't available in your room, that the hotel staff start asking if you need water. Or watching the final blog post go up and seeing your vision come together.
Education is something I've firmly believed in, and something I feel that is important for my future.
So even if I get my degree one, two, or even three years late, thats ok.
As long as you get your shit together no one can take that away from you.

So, to round this very dramatic and random ramble I am on, I would like to congratulate you on making it this far.
And that I hope everyone knows that regardless of the problems they may face, it gets better.
Even if it seems like you're about to lose it.
Lose it.
Let yourself feel upset, accept it, and move on.
You'll feel better.

Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn 

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