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How To: Lazy Silhouette

Spilling the details on how to look effortless when on the go.

On me: dress shirt via Urban Planet (buy me), necklace via Sammydress & Heels via Jeffrey Campbell
Photography: Eugenia Chan Photography

Editing: Dreamercharmyn

As of late, a combination that I've been wearing on repeat is a one piece and a pair of shoes.
Technically I only wear this type of style when I goto school seeing as they give me more freedom than pants.
However, I've noticed over the past few years that the typical lazy student outfit is a pair of jeans and a top.
Contraire to popular belief, I find pants to be worn on my most fanciest of dates.
Whether it be an event or on the go, I find myself wearing pants when I want to look super put together.
I know that deviates from the tradtional little black dress, but what can a girl do? 
Pants just serve to remind me of a food baby.

Jokes aside, here's my tips on how to adopt this silhouette into your outfit of the day!
I know what you're thinking: aren't you just wearing an oversized top and some shoes?
Yes I am, but here are some tricks (I wish I had known) when perfecting this look.

Step one: The Fit
Regardless of where you purchase your clothes, whether it be COS or F21, the quality and fit will vary.
This is crucial because different fabrics hang differently depending on the person's body type.
If you're like me and enjoy shapeless silhouettes, but goto places that have very (very) strong heating; I would suggest purchasing tops that are not sheer, but thin enough to be layered with cardigans and jackets.

Step two: The Size
Growing up I had a huge misconception that my worth was based on whether I was a certain size.
If I had known earlier that people generally don't care, I wouldn't have limited myself to certain styles simply because I didn't want to go one size up. 
So ladies, don't give a shit about the size. 
In the end, no one's going to be focusing on the size of your clothing, but instead how put together you look that day!
Also this silhouette is all about being oversized, so technically we're all about a loose fit.

Step three: The Style
Depending on what's your style and preference, there really is no specific type of oversized you "have" to get.
Sometimes the most unexpected of tops can be worn as an oversized dress, like how a mens sweater can be layered with a dress shirt to become a collared sweater dress.
Or how a clean v neck when stretched out can become a new staple with your leather jacket.
The possibilities are endless.

So there you have it!
My tips on how to dress effortless 
Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn


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