(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Green House

Normally I stray from greenery, but this time I'll make an exception.

On me: Skirt via Hong Kong (buy similar) & heels via Target (buy me)
Photography: Sayaka Hsieh 
Editing: Dreamer Charmyn

Not to kill the magic, but this was taken in a supermarket.
Realizing there was a greenhouse, I knew I had to shoot here. 

(albeit the disapproving store owners)
(view here)

On a positive note, I've finally complete two things from my 'out of comfort zone' list.
One, shoot somewhere with green.
Typically I loathe green locations.
Gardens, trees, grass... You name it.
But with years and years of avoidance, I've decided to cross to the light side, and try a softer approach for a change.

Two, successfully fake laugh till you get a semi cute picture.
(or watch a series of youtube videos to prevent bish face)
I've been asked this several times, why don't I smile, and here's why:
Growing up I had a crooked smile, so whenever I smile I felt silly and end up using my traditional resting face all of you are used to seeing.

Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn 

Ps: Here's a song for the dreamers not ready for school!
(aka me.)  

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