(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Sun-Day in Klarra!

Basking with my love, the sun.

On me: top (buy me) & skirt (buy me) via Klarra
Photography: V for Visala

Suffering from severe nostalgia, heres a look I shot with the multi talented Visala Wong!
Visala and I have kept in contact through blogging, Instagram and emails, so it was lovely to finally meet her in real life to hug her! We began with a early brunch at Brick & Lane, where we basked about past experiences, studying abroad, and future life decisions. Speaking to her felt like I had an older sister, her words and experiences prompted me to consider my goals for 2015, and what I wish to accomplish with my degree. 
Not to mention Visala is one of the most dedicated people I've ever met, her efficiency and energy is nothing but contagious. 
Seriously, half of these shots wouldn't have even existed if it weren't for her creative spirit.
Speaking of creativity, Visala also created Dream Locket, a pre-wedding photography and fashion consultant agency!
Check it out! (click me)

Speaking of nostalgia, one of my favourite holiday pieces during the holidays was from Klarra!
It was relieving to finally discover a clothing brand that not only focused on design, but also quality as well.
 I know it sounds cliche, but wearing clothes that are whimsical, not sheer, and have the ability to adapt to physical activity is something I need.
Take this shoot for instance, if the skort was super tight and constricting, no way would I have been able to climb the railings. 
(yes, I lack physical activity)
Having finished with our shoot and having hectic schedules, Visala skillfully guided me to Cova, where we then said our goodbyes.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent having tea at Corra, a confectionary where Sabine, Julia and I met up at. It's been two years since our last reunion, so it was exciting to see how studying abroad was treating them. 
As usual the dynamics of our group was as sarcastic as ever, and it paired well with the cake we ate. 
After catching up on each others course load and mutual distaste for midterms, we all travelled back to Sabine's place where we watched Ghibli's "The Wind Will Rise". 
Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn



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