(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Morning London!

London town address me as your majesty. 

On me: tank via Urban Planet, jacket, skort and boots via Primark
Photography: Justin Chow + Shaunz See
Editing: Shaunz See + Charmyn Chan 

Remember my trip to London?
Well, here's a spam of pictures of me getting coffee with Justin and Shaunz.
This casual meet up stemmed from Justin instagram-ing the London Tower Bridge, the monument which I visited several hours prior. 
Sending a message I was in the area lead from one thing to another, ending with a date being set. 

The initial idea was to stroll around in the early hours of the morning, visiting several coffee shops Shaunz had recommended.
(vanilla ice cream with latte anyone?)
From there on we aimlessly wandered around London, checking out any interesting locations to shoot while grabbing multiple cups of coffee along the way. 

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn

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