(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Still Into You

Forever my first love.

on me: jacket via Topshop & currently on sale at (link), sweater via Tai-pei, shorts via Forever 21, bracelets (starting for left to right) (H&M) (Aldo), ring via Nastygal, bag via H&M (link) & shoes via Converse

Up till recently I've had the pleasure to explore the winter side of my wardrobe, which meant dabbling into tights, velvet, an array of colourful leggings/denim wear and of course... boots. (Jeffrey's to be exact) And after all that, I can say I'm still very much into my Converse sneakers. It wasn't long ago when I bought my first pair and walked down the crowded streets of Hong Kong believing I was the coolest kid out there. (birth date of my thug side?)  Instead of slipping on the classic flats & Roxy sandals other girls donned. Besides the christening of my rebel blood, my style hadn't been as "developed" as I would've liked it to be. Being in my school we had a uniform to stick to, and surprised as I am to say, I'm pretty grateful to the fashion gods who chose to educated my interest in style and lack of common sense. 

So here's a little look I came up with after looking at the little de-cals I've written, that hopefully, no one will notice...
 Figuring that I've gotten better from my non stop returning cold, I would test mother nature against my immune system (again) (and its 5-1 if you were wondering) with of course shorts and my forever loved converse. And what better way than to use my belated fashion educated mind by adding a bit of "spiky" with a "tad" of gold? I reassure you my thug side was practically poppin evian water bottles in celebration. 

And no, I refuse to part with my Jeffreys if you were curious... I just have to make bigger room in my closest... thats all.

komorebi(n.): sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn


  1. Nice pics!
    Love your nailpolish <3

    Kisses from:

    1. Thank you Lorena! It means alot that you bothered to visit :) And the color is from China Glaze!

      Love to check out your blog

      xo Charmyn


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