(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees



Collab w/ Matryoshka.

on me: shirt via pull & bear, skirt via h&m, shoes via mk and bag via matryoshka

Meet Aanchal Wadhwani a 20 year old designer and photographer from Hong Kong. Throughout the past years I've grown to admire her work and creativity that always leaves me breathless. And during my holiday I got the pleasure to meet up with the influential artist herself and have a look at her upcoming collection 'Mcqueen by Matryoshka'. The photos above feature the latest addition to the collection which is the Mcqueen clutch. Did I also mention that theres a giveaway for one of these clutches right now? (head over to her Facebook page for more info!)

1. What is Matryoshka & what does it stand for?
Matryoshka is a russian nesting doll. The reason I chose to call my brand 'Matryoshka' is because I believe I am the largest doll and inside are my creativity, passion, etc. Waiting to come out one by one!

2. What made you start designing?
During form 4 and 5, I was studying fine art on the side. I knew the art industry was for me from the beginning. Instead of doing the A levels, I decided to start my journey in the industry instead so I started studying fashion.  

 3.Where do you get you're inspiration from?
Most of my inspiration comes from all kinds of culture. From religious views and beliefs to street cultures like punk, gothic and rock. I like to have a sense of state and reality in my designs.
Fine arts is great when it comes to drawing what you see but during the entire course I found myself constantly asking my teacher why I had to follow the rules and why I couldn't draw it the way I liked. I used to go home and do the complete opposite just to see what it looked like when it was wrong. I guess you could say designing was in my blood.
I wasn't the best dressed and I probably still am not, but I feel clothing is a necessity to everybody but the idea of being able to choose what you wear to represent your emotions drove me towards the industry.
I want to give people a chance to represent themselves in Matryoshka.

4. Could you give us a description on what your collection 'McQueen by Matryoshka' ?
'McQueen by Matryoshka' is my newest collection of handbags. I literally took the clutch from McQueen and reinvented it with innovative textures and my personal approach. I also created a cute mini version.

The Idea behind the collection is to give people a sense that Matryoshka has the potential to be bigger and better if given the chance. McQueen is known for his unique sense of style and I believe I too have a unique sense of style I am pushing out. 

5. What does photography & design mean to you?
It's my hobby, my passion, my stress reliever.

komorebi:(n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo Charmyn


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