(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Fade to Black

Black & White. 

on me: tank via Brandy Melville (link), pants via Motel rocks (link), ring via Nastygal, shoes via Jeffrey Campbell 

Loving the sight of tall sky scrapers all around me, I've taken it upon myself to let myself be influenced and indulge in some goodness of black and white.  And what better way to blog this, without the creative mind of my brilliant friend Brian! I know I know...we shot again, but who doesn't love Brian? Naturally we scoped out a staircase for us to shoot on, where I casually let my thug side have a go at posing (you can obviously tell I was born to be a gangster). Awkwardness aside school is here and being as it is April (meaning exams and my regular regime of sleeping getting later and later) hopefully my "asian" genetics didn't fail me and I'll be able to post again soon, but until then I'll be typing away at my self on how to start an introduction. (starting off on the right foot never was one of my strong suits). Although having the ability to choose when you're blog post's come out does have it's benefits (published on button any body?)

Hoping everyone had a lovely spring break and alot of time to take in the sunshine!
ps: Check back soon to see my upcoming hk posts and the remaining photos Brian shot of me! 

komorebi(n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo Charmyn


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