(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Late Night Coffee Runs

Coffee Runs.

on me: cardigan via Bluenote, top & skirt via Cotton-on, tights via Romwe & brogues via Zara

Being newly introduced to coffee, I've had my fair share of green tea lattes, caramel macchiattos, to peppermint mocha's... However recently my addiction to the caffeine flavoured drinks has increasingly grown, (and a regular reason as to why I should go out on a friday night). But it's something about coffee houses I find intriguing. I know it sounds cheesy that I adore to spend my time sipping on coffee, but upon discovering that Blenz uses real chocolate in their drinks brought me back to the dark side. (And yes they have cookies) But after a long day of interning at Van Fashion Week (I know... I died a little bit too when they said come back on Wednesday) and a hilarious 2 hour run of the "identity theif" with my family, it was time for a chocolate run. Upon arrival I just so happened to have brought my camera... Which obviously lead from one thing to another.. Till these blog worthy photos appeared. I was so grateful when my friend Leon offered to capture these images. It literally made my day even more sweeter! So to introduce all who is enjoying the extended holiday, Chinese New Year, school leave, etc... 
Begin this week with my latest music discovery (old... yes, but good)
Till next time my lovelies

komorebi(n.): sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo Charmyn 


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