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Topshop Opening!

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breath taking

feeling exhilarated and stoked was the first two emotions to cross my mind as i entered top shop. to those who don't know, top shop is a british based clothing store that sells the latest trends on clothes. likewise to forever 21, it is not. the general idea is the same, however not the same. to me, top shop is far more superior compared to forever 21 in canada, except the price is a bit more costly. for example a sweater was 70 canadian dollars... and at a student price range it's not likely i'll be able to buy a haul in one go. although i believe it is worth saving up, since the style and range of clothing is unique and can never be found at any other store. examples would be rivet head bands, ombre high waisted shorts and woolen sweaters, printed cropped pants, a killer shoe selection and of course they include sizes for petites, maternity, plus size, etc. which makes it impossible for you to not fit into anything. the store it's self is decked as one floor with their own section of lingerie, makeup, shoes, petites, etc each section carrying a diverse and tasteful selection of clothing. whats more? is that they even include a personal shopping assistant to help build a outfit around your budget and look, thus making it much easier to the indecisive. (e.g. me) after two hours of pacing and running rampant, i finally decided to get a printed peplum skirt and a rivet head band. for those items have been on my list since september and it feels good to treat myself once in a while... 

therefore i highly recommend this store if you're looking for innovative and brilliant clothing.

komorebi: (n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo charmyn


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