(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Model Sightings: Cara Delevigne

raised from london, this illustrious quirky model has been on my radar the entire month. Cara has already been the face of burberry spring/summer 2012, whilst being featured in the brand's spring/summer 2011 and beauty campaign. following her past works she also had the opportunity to model for blumarine's w/f 2012, h&m's authentic collection f/w 2011 and chanel resort 2013.  furthermore i adore her personality quirk and her carefree edge she brings to all of her interviews. in the video above is her latest video campaign for zara's trf f/w 2012, the clothes look amazing and she does too! being placed #25 on models.com, cara is becoming more and more renowned. i'm looking forward to her upcoming show in victoria secret which will be available to the public on the cbs, december 4th.

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komorebi: (n.) lights that filter through the leaves of the trees

xo charmyn


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