(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Paris Fashion Week par Justin Wu

Isn't this perfection?

wow. is all is have to say today. my friend logan had recently raved about with video online and since the title contained the words, vogue, justin wu, fashion week and paris. i had to simply watch it. the video itself presents paris fashion week and the models included in the shows. styled stylishly by the renowned simon gensowski, the models took dominated the video, each portraying their part and country to the ambience beats of franz ferdinand's do you want to? i particularly adored the styling used and the fact how each model was relayed to their own perspective countries. to commend this i would like to send my kudos to justin on making a out standing video, the choreography was also flawless. to sum up, the video was the best 2 minutes and 41 seconds of my life. i adored the song and how the fashion aspect was incorporated. the white fur jacket is to die for... thus making the ballroom scene my absolute fashion crush. everything in there i wouldn't hesitate to wear.

hope everyones having a good weekend.

komorebi: (n.) light that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo charmyn

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