(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Snake Shot Preview

No, the snake is not mine. 

on me: white chiffon tube dress and a snake

being as it may, this photo was one of the most fun experiences i've ever had. for i met a brilliant bunch of models, two photographers, two mua's, a designer and a snake handler. the concept built around the shoot was based on the snake... obviously. however the dresses were an extra flair to the shoot :) has alot of fun with this. and for those who may ask, i was not scared because i knew my photo would look horrible and awkward if i didn't do anything. slightly sad about the angle though and my arms are a wee bit awkward. other than that i need to practice angling more and working with animals :) first animal shoot hehe...  i would like to thank craigls the photographer who took this. taken ages ago but i finally mustered the courage to ask him about it, since im shy when pestering photographers for my photos... but it must be done. or else i would never get my photo :) studio based, we got to use a wind machine and had a proper instagram and camwhoring sesh, as we munched on popcorn, sushi and crackers. whilst listening to the blaring ipod speaker as we waited for each of our turns... hope you enjoy this preview and save this spot for more

komorebi: (n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo charmyn

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